Minecraft Pixelmon Episode 4 – Joining a Server!

Today I got back into Pixelmon (I really want to record videos of these more regularly. I must push myself!) and instead of continuing the series in my single player world, I decided to join a multiplayer server. I’m not really up-to-date with Pixelmon servers so I just randomly picked one that had a healthy population. I think there were over 100 people on the server when I was recording, so I definitely was not lonely there!

The server was fairly nice, the buildings and structures were cool and I could tell a lot of effort went into building them. I’m not too fond of how the land seems to be made up of floating islands, but it’s not a deal-breaker for me.

I wandered around the initial starting area in Sinnoh for a while before I realized I could go to a training area, which I then teleported to. Unfortunately the episode ends rather abruptly because my computer ran out of memory and Minecraft ended up crashing…opps!

So something I need to decide is if I want to stick to this server or if I want to check out some other ones for future videos.

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